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In August 1974, MOL Ship Tech Inc. started as shipbuilding technical consulting company. We specialized in new shipbuilding supervision in April 2000 and we were entrusted with design and approval of drawing from MOL in July 2004. Now we act as total new building consulting company.
We have a record of over 200 various type vessels including dry bulk carriers, tankers, LNG carriers, pure car carriers, containerships, passenger ships, ferries etc. We are highly respected by shipowners at home and abroad for our technical capability and a wealth of experience.
We endeavor to further enhance our quality performance following our qualification of ISO9001 certificate in 2007 - awarded by DNV.


Company Name MOL Ship Tech Inc.
Establishment 20th Aug. 1974
Capital 50,000,000 yen
Name of representative Yuji ANADA
Number of employees 20 employees at the Tokyo HQ
168 newbuilding supervisors
Category of business Ship Consultant
Head Office MOL building 12F, 1-1 Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8688, Japan

Strong points

  • Excellent ship design consultants who can respond to national and international shipowners
  • New building superintendents who are customer-oriented and can handle any ship types by sufficient experience and special expertise

Company history

Aug. 1974 Establishing the MOL fleet as shipbuilding technical consultant
Dec. 1988 Establishing Orange Ship Management as ship management/holding company of FOCs
Apr. 1990 Above two companies merged and renamed MOL Ship Management Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1996 The company was renamed MOL Ship Tech Inc. and ship management handed over to new MOL Ship Management Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2000 Specializing in new shipbuilding supervision by handing over Electric Division and PBCF Division to MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd.
Jul. 2004 2004 Becoming a total shipbuilding technical consultant company within MOL group by being entrusted with ship design and approval of drawing from MOL.
Oct. 2007 Qualifying as an ISO-9001 certificated ship design consultant company.

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